Holiday 2020 Gifting Guide & Tips

This is self explanatory, so have at it.
*These guides are based on stereotypes, which have been used to organize the post in a way that is able to navigate easily. Use them however the fuck you want. Do not let the gender-specific stereotypes serve as a limitation to the categories of this guide, as they are not intended to be gender-specific.*


The Imbiber

The imbiber is easy to satisfy, but a bottle of their favorite spirit or a case of their favorite craft beer is typically thoughtless and lazy. If you want to take it one step further (and I suggest you do) get them something that becomes an experience rather than just an indulgence.

This is a great gift for someone who is interested in trying high-quality and often rare spirits without buying an entire bottle. The subscription includes a sampler box each quarter with three 1.5 ounce bottles of various spirits personalized to the members preferences. In addition to the samples, the membership includes complimentary full-sized bottles, educational material, free live tasting events, and discounted online storefront. Find more information here.
As someone who has received this as a gift, I can say that there is nothing better than getting a box of curated wines selected just for you. Your recipient will be able to set their own preferences, and each bottle comes with an educational card that includes suggested pairings. All I'm saying is, this is absolutely worth it. Find more information here.

Self-explanatory. Similar to the first two, but with craft beer instead of wine or liquor. It has less personalization, but will include the flagship beers from the selected breweries. Find more information here.

Some other things that are great for the general imbiber: 
  • Unique and/or handcrafted bitters, like 1821 bitters. They offer a variety of bitters, tinctures, syrups, and shrubs. They even have suggested pairings and cocktail recipes.
  • Gin-making kit. You can also infuse any spirit yourself and give the final product as a gift.
  • Cocktail accoutrements. Shakers, a cool cocktail spoon, or unique cocktail picks.
  • Pro tip: Make a cocktail kit. Bitters, syrup, spirit, jigger, shaker/stirring vessel, etc.
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The Foodie / Chef

You can't get a food connoisseur just anything. They know what they like and odds are they already have it. The foodie likes to try new things, so something that encompasses variety and experimentation is a solid choice.

Subscription cheese and pairings platter? Fuck. Yes.
Find more information here.

It's obvious I'm favoring subscriptions this year. This isn't your regular grocery store spice assortment though, it's unique and exciting spice blends that are perfect for your local kitchen wizard.
Find more information here.

More gift ideas that aren't subscription-based:
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The One Who is Always Working

These people don't have time for anything, and finds tremendous value in things that are going to make their lives easier. I'll just get straight to the point here:
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The Homemaker

The homemaker is all about being cozy and creating a space that nobody ever wants to leave. They host all the parties and are great caretakers of humans, animals, and plants alike.

Fresh flowers are always lovely, and the grocery store edition doesn't exactly scream "I truly value our friendship." Enter Urban Stems, beautiful flowers consistently delivered right to your doorstep.

This is the last one, I swear. How great is it though?! A new succulent every month, because clearly there is no such thing as too many plants or too many subscriptions. I'm sure other types of plant subscriptions exist for people who don't prefer succulents, but these guys are so hardy that I think they would do best in a box over other types of plants.

Does it spark joy? I said what I said.

This woman is a dear, old friend of mine. She has actually painted the majority of the art in my apartment. She's incredible, and specializes in custom portraits. This is basically the perfect gift for anyone. Find more about Cameron Kramer's commissioned art here.

Buying for a homemaker can sometimes be tricky, each one has their own style preferences and is trying to achieve a very specific function for their own needs. Unless they told you specifically what they want (and a home maker typically will), it's best to keep it simple.
  • Blankets. Never enough blankets. I especially love this chunky knit throw.
  • Candles. My mother always hated getting candles as a gift, I always loved it so I would get to keep them all (unless the scent was just terrible). 
    • Candles tend to be the default gift and are often assumed to be thoughtless. This can be remedied by purchasing a candle-making class instead, or finding a candle that is more personal for the recipient.
  • Cute garden tools.
  • Coffee table books, this qualifies as any book that generates interest yet and will be okay if nobody actually ever opens it. Typically large, hardcover, and has neutral colored binding.
  • Picnic supplies. Let's be honest, who wouldn't love this?
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The Mindful Person

Your mindful friend or family member needs something well, mindful. These gifts are especially personal and require a bit more thought than the average gift. However, the effort is worth it.
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Pandemic Era Gifts

What a time to be alive.

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The Person Who Has Everything, or Nothing.

These people are incredibly hard to find gifts for, and typically say things like "you don't have to get me anything!" You know who I'm talking about. The person who just buys themselves whatever they want, or buys themselves nothing at all. The only real concrete piece of advice I have for buying a gift for this type of person is this:

You have to find them something that they don't even know they want.

Things that have worked well for me in the past:
  • Bluetooth waterproof speaker (we love our JBL)
  • Hand-painted wine glasses
  • A personalized bottle of tequila
  • Something sentimental
  • An addition to something they already have (a collection, for example)
    • This also works with unique editions of things (for example, having multiple copies of one book is okay if some of them are signed, first edition, vintage/antique, in another language, etc.)
  • Something very, very niched down based on their interests (i.e. a book about herbal medicine or a personal training session).
  • When all else fails, make them something. If it's not something that can be purchased, then they can't already have it.

That's all, folks. I hope you found it helpful. Enjoy!


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